Friday, September 26, 2008

Recent UK flood chaos - time for action! Serious flooding has blighted yet another "summer". With recent flooding causing chaos all over the UK it's time for government, local authorities and water companies to come together to create a framework for effective flood risk management. Held in November, The Future of Flood Management conference gathers together a pan-industry line-up of experts to discuss the industry's response to the Pitt Review, the critical legislative changes, and what's been learnt from last summer's floods.

Sir Michael Pitt has announced he will be speaking at the New Civil Engineer conference, which takes place in London at the Earls Court Exhibition. Sir Michael will be outlining his latest vision for meeting the flooding challenge, 6 months on from the official release of the Pitt Review. Antony Oliver, Editor of New Civil Engineer and chair for the conference has commented, "The Pitt Review has set the agenda for fighting the flooding problem, but we are yet to see how the industry will respond to the recommendations. I am very much looking forward to hearing from Sir Michael in person and discussing what action government, local authorities and water companies must take to make real progress on this crucial issue"….

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