Saturday, September 27, 2008

Face threat of climate change in comprehensive manner

Daily Star (Bangladesh): Foreign Adviser Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury urged the international community to face the threat of climate change in a comprehensive manner. He said this while he was speaking at an event on “Climate Change” hosted jointly at the UN Headquarters by Bangladesh, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK on Wednesday.

Describing climate change as a major threat to development he said adequate resources must be transferred to the more vulnerable groups of nations like the least developed countries (LDCs) in order to enable them to combat and surmount the threat, says a press release. “The climate change debate must be `depoliticised' and the developed and major developing countries must bear the burden of the costs incurred in transferring the relevant technology to the poorer and more vulnerable countries”, he said.

…Another report adds: Iftekhar called upon Commonwealth countries to focus on ensuring food security for its citizens. He was addressing the Special Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (SCHOGM), at the United Nations Headquarters on Wednesday, says a press release. He said, “All Millennium Development Goals critically hinge on poverty and hunger, all other goals on health, education, supply of safe drinking water and women empowerment largely depended on defeating the scourge of hunger.”

Bangladesh map from the CIA World Factbook

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