Friday, August 22, 2008

Pacific Islands Forum leaders issue declaration on climate change

Xinhua: Pacific Islands leaders on Thursday once again expressed their concerns over food and energy security, which are expected to exacerbate existing challenges coupled with the region's vulnerability. Addressing the 20th Post Forum Dialogues Partners (PFDP) plenary, Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister Samuel Abal called for short-term measures to provide immediate relief to those that are struggling and longer term measures to boost agriculture trade and production.

The reliance on imported food has left Pacific Islands countries vulnerable to the rising global food prices and the worst will be the poorest members of society as they spend a greater proportion of their income on food, said the minister.

... The leaders also encouraged all Pacific Island countries, with the assistance of development partners, to continue to address the impacts of climate change through 'no regrets' or 'low regrets' actions in affected sectors....

Flag of Papua New Guinea, Wikimedia Commons


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