Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ghana to spend 1.4 billion dollars on climate Ghana would need more than 1.4 billion dollars for restoration purposes if bad environmental practices were not changed, Mr William Abaidoo, Public Relations Officer, Environmental Protection Agency said on Tuesday. He said climate change was fast becoming a global and most devastating issue confronting the planet, earth.

"Scientists are already seeing signs of changing occurring more quickly than they expected; these signs range from high temperatures, low rainfall, drought and diseases leading to worsening economic conditions," he said. Mr Abaidoo who was speaking at a day's seminar organized by Free World Foundation, an NGO, under the theme: "Youth and Climate Change" therefore called a for strong advocacy role by the youth to fight the global menace.

Climate change is basically caused by the mass injection of greenhouse gases into earth's atmosphere through human activities. These gases are capable of staying in the atmosphere for several thousands of years which are currently having adverse effects on the environment. He noted that, about 3.3 per cent of the population within the coastal zone stood the risk of erosion resulting in flooding and loss of infrastructure thereby affecting economic activities. Mr Abaidoo said this trend put the poor at risk relative to the rich adding, "The poor are highly vulnerable to environmental disasters"….

Flag of Ghana, Wikimedia Commons

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