Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recycled sewage may solve crisis

Adelaide Advertiser (Australia): With reservoirs less than half full and River Murray inflows headed for a record low this month, University of Adelaide Professor of Water Economics and Management Mike Young said all possibilities to secure SA's water supply had to be investigated. Professor Young said the State Government could follow the lead of Queensland and look at pumping recycled sewage into drinking water reservoirs.

Draconian water restrictions, including a total ban on garden watering except by bucket, would have to be considered for this summer unless significant rain fell during winter, he said. "If we get to August 1 and we've had a dry June and July in both the Murray catchment area and the Adelaide Hills the Government should immediately convene a major review of what steps to take next to deal with water supply," Prof Young, a member of SA's Sustainability Roundtable, said.

"We have had the fourth to driest autumn ever, and the second to driest May ever – if it continues we are in serious strife. The Government will have to consider everything on the table – including recycling sewage water for human consumption and tougher water restrictions – as the state government is doing in Queensland."…

Second Creek near St Peters, South Australia, Adelaide. This stream is one of the tributaries of River Torrens. Photo by "Peripetus," who has generously released it into the public domain. Thank you, Peripitus

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