Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ecosystem and resource managers must prepare for climate change

Red Orbit (US): A key government report issued today concludes that climate change is having a significant and irreversible impact on sensitive ecosystems and resources and urges the immediate implementation of ecosystem adaptation strategies on federally protected and managed lands and waters. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) officials called on Congress and the administration to provide the leadership, funding and reforms that federal managers require to implement the report's recommendations.

The report, Preliminary Review of Adaptation Options for Climate-Sensitive Ecosystems and Resources, finds that climate change is stressing natural systems with such intensity and rapidity that concerted efforts must be taken to help ecosystems adapt to climatic shifts. The report warns: "If the management cultures and planning approaches of agencies continue with a business-as-usual approach, it is likely that ecosystem services will suffer major degradation. It is the opinion of this report's authors and expert stakeholders that we may be seeing a tipping point in terms of the need to plan and take appropriate action on climate adaptation."...

The logo of the US National Park Service, which manages some of the federal lands mentioned in this report.

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