Saturday, October 5, 2013

Floodwaters displace over 50,000 people in Sudan's Payinjiar county

Bonifacio Taban Kuich in via Sudan Tribune: Eleven people are reported to have died after heavy flooding hit Payinjiar county, officials told Sudan Tribune after a return visit to the affected side. More than 56,000 people are believed to be victims of the flood and in need of emergency assistance.

The teams who went in to the field comprised of ministers from Unity state and top officials from the national government which, including Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) chief Peter Lam who flew to area to assess conditions on the ground and damage to affected communities. State minister of information and communication Nyaliep John Dak told Sudan Tribune on Wednesday that flood victims were facing extremely harsh conditions.

"We actually went there to know how the rain affected the people there ... they are really in trouble, the flood affected them too much [and] there is not any space which is dry all over; the spaces were full of water", she said.

Dak said the risk of snake bites and an outbreak of waterborne disease was also a major concern for those in flood-affected areas. She says most farms were underwater and crops were destroyed before the yielding period...

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