Friday, September 21, 2012

A correction from the California Department of Insurance

Oh, the perils of being a link blog -- if the story I link to has a mistake, we need to correct it. Byron Tucker, a deputy insurance commissioner in the California Department of Insurance, got in touch with Carbon Based today, pointing out that a story we linked to yesterday was inaccurate.  Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has not endorsed the report from Ceres. Don Jergler at the Insurance Journal has already made this correction. 

Tucker gave us the following statement: “Ceres should be commended for its hard work in this area and a thoughtful report which highlights some of the potential risks climate change and extreme weather events present to the insurance industry,” said California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.  “We will evaluate this report and consider its findings and recommendations in conjunction with our Climate Risk Survey results. Data of this nature can be very useful in ongoing risk analysis to help insurers and regulators identify areas of concern posed by climate change.”  

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