Thursday, April 1, 2010

Initiatives to save Mekong River

Viet Nam News: Japanese officials emphasised reducing deforestation, improving water resource management, disaster prevention and urban environments in as ways to improve the Mekong River. These issues were discussed at the Senior Officials' Mekong Meeting with Japan yesterday.

Japanese deputy director general of Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department Kimihiro Ishikane said a rapid development plus the global climate change had resulted in a drop of the Mekong's water level, which has had an adverse impact on biodiversity. This had become a serious threat to the people in the region.

He suggested, in addition to building a national environmental strategy, countries should strengthen co-operative ties in order to establish a fair and effective international framework in which all major economies participate in addressing climate change. The official said that satellites could be used to closely monitor reforestation efforts in coastal or dry areas….

The Mekong Delta from space, from NASA

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