Friday, March 5, 2010

Uganda to relocate 10,000

Francis Kagolo in via New Vision (Uganda): Government is to evacuate and resettle over 10,000 people from several villages in six subcounties threatened with landslides in Bududa district. David Wakikona, the state minister for northern Uganda, and the MP for Manjiya county in Bududa, said experts had identified more "dangerous" cracks in rocks in Bushiyi, Bukalasi, Bubita as well as in Bumayoka, Bududa and Bukigai sub-counties.

"We must get these people out of the danger areas and put them where we can feed them until the rainfall season stops," the minister said. Wakikona announced this at the Government briefing at the Media Centre in Kampala. He had just returned from the scene of disaster where he had been since the tragedy occurred on Monday.

He said the disaster preparedness ministry was working with agencies, like Red Cross, to secure funds to move out the people before another disaster occurs.

Milton Kamiti, the head of Bududa Bamasaaba Development Association, expressed concern over the reluctance of villagers to relocate. However, Wakikona said the Government was committed to saving Ugandans and would not accept any excuses. He hailed the Police, the army and all agencies trying to rescue the victims….

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