Thursday, March 4, 2010

Egypt builds climate change plan for Cairo-Delta region

Green Prophet blog: The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza confirmed last week that the ministry had prepared a strategy for sustainable agricultural development until 2030. (This comes after gloomy reports for the Cairo region by the year 2020) He said that the strategy is based on the study of the sensitivity of the agricultural sector to climate change, “which affects the cultivated area, the structure of crops and the migration of rural populations and how to mitigate the negative effects resulting from these changes.”

The minister noted that the phenomenon of climate change lies in the focus of all organizations and international institutions as well as regional and local communities “because of their direct and indirect effects on all sectors of the economic structure, including the agricultural sector, which requires concerted research efforts and capabilities to address these impacts and adaptations in the form of development of resistant varieties [of crops] that can bear the possible changes of climate, salinity and drought as well as continuing to exert efforts to adapt research and confrontation of these changes.”

This came in a speech Abaza gave at the opening of the conference on climate change and its impact on the agricultural sector in Egypt, which was held last week at the foreign relations department of the ministry of agriculture and organized by the Agricultural Economics Research Institute in cooperation with the Agricultural Research Center, headed by Ayman Abu Hadid….

Nile River and Delta from orbit, thanks to NASA

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