Monday, May 25, 2015

Texas governor declares states of emergency, more severe weather expected

Ellen Wulfhorst in Reuters: The governor of Texas on Monday declared states of disaster in 24 counties, citing the severe weather and flash flooding that have killed at least two people. The state has been pounded by tornadoes, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and flooding that forced evacuations and rooftop rescues and left thousands of residents without electrical power.

In declaring the states of disaster in 24 counties, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said: “The State of Texas has taken brisk action in dispatching all available resources to aid those affected by this severe weather system.

“My thoughts and prayers are with all the communities that are suffering as a result of this weather disaster, and I am grateful for the first responders who have worked tirelessly to provide shelter, care and resources to all impacted areas," he said.

Widespread severe thunderstorms were forecast for Monday in north-central and northeast Texas and southern Oklahoma, likely bringing destructive winds, tornadoes and hail, the National Weather Service said.

The Weather Service issued severe thunderstorm and flash-flood warnings as well as tornado watches throughout the region....

A supercell thunderstorm near Teague, Texas, in 2011. Shot by Runningonbrains, public domain

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Anonymous said...

Texas is the land of the bible believers, climate deniers and overall idiots when it comes to science, facts and reality. So now they're getting their chance to accept reality after watching / witnessing / experiencing destruction.

What do you suppose they will do? If history is any guide, nothing will change. Watch and see. Here will be proof positive in the next few weeks/months that humanity cannot / will not change despite mounting evidence that they are WRONG about nearly everything and how they live their lives.

Is this biblically related? Absolutely. Religion embraces stupidity and a denial of reality. Religion practices and encourages falsehoods. Falsehoods lived daily multiplied by billions / millions has a HUGE impact upon society / civilization and the planet. American Christians are among the dumbest people in the country. They embrace superstition, fear, and manipulation of millions. They will wrongly believe that this destruction is the "will of God" thereby avoiding all responsibility and culpability. This is why nothing can change for the better under religion. Humans refuse any responsibility for what is human caused.

Is this climate related? Of course. All weather events are climate related. Extreme weather events went from a few hundred per year to several thousand - in just ten years. But denial of facts, evidence, science and common sense will prevail in this country, especially among the religiously indoctrinated. They will refuse to see the evidence and identify correctly what it means.

Will Texans wake up to reality? Of course not. They've had other opportunities lest anyone forget and nothing changed. Nothing will change this time to0. Texas is a leading polluter of greenhouse gases too. That won't change either. It will be back to business as usual, as fast as possible, with rampant denial and blame "elsewhere".

I'm sorry to see the suffering and loss, but get used to it. Humans are quite stupid and recalcitrant, unable to change what causes their bad behavior. The evidence of this is everywhere (it's called civilization).