Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mozambique's rainy season death toll stands at 30 via AIM: 30 people are known to have died and another 76 suffered injuries from the start of the current rainy season in October up until 31 March, according to preliminary data presented by the Mozambican government on Tuesday, at the end of a meeting of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet).

The deaths were mostly caused by the collapse of houses, lightning strikes, falling trees, and drowning, either by boats overturning or when people were swept away by swollen rivers.

Speaking to reporters, the government spokesperson, Deputy Justice Minister Alberto Nkutumula, said that the disasters resulting from the torrential rains affected a total of 7,711 households (about 40,000 people).

During this period, the storms destroyed 1,906 houses, mostly built of flimsy material and damaged a further 6,454. More than 8,000 houses were inundated, as well as seven health units and 17 places of worship,

...Nkutumula said the government has been taking measures to assist the people affected, providing them with relief goods, food, health care, and shelter kits....

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