Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cold spell and flood-tide affect Vietnamese daily life

VietNamNet Bridge: A cold spell has taken hold in Viet Nam's northern region, causing heavy rain and flooding in many areas, the Central Hydrometeorological Forecasting Centre announced today. Residents should watch out for strong winds, flash floods and landslides, said the centre.

In northern Lao Cai Province, which borders China, the temperature was below 25 degrees Celsius. Forecasts suggested that the temperature would continue to fall while the rain would continue for another day. Sa Pa, a beautiful mountainous town famous as a tourist site, would see temperatures below 15 DC.

Director of Lao Cai Hydrometeorological Central Luu Minh Hai said no damage fatalities or traffic jams had been reported, but the whole system of rivers and streams in the province has seen flooding with water heights rising from 50 to 100cm. The flooding will continue for the next few days.

Hai said the province has asked relevant sectors and localities to closely monitor the rising water and alert residents about flash floods and landslides so they can protect livestock and plants from the cold and heavy rain….

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Eric Szvoboda said...

Wow that is pretty cold. It is sad to think in that land many do not even know and cannot even find out about the weather forecast.