Thursday, September 27, 2012

Satellites to the rescue: Disaster monitoring network extends its services to all

Terra Daily: Building on a decade of success in making satellite data available to users for disaster response, the International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters' has opened its doors even wider and is now providing universal access to the Charter during natural emergencies - a move that was initiated when the UK was leading the Charter in 2011.

Any country, regardless of whether they are a Charter member, is now able to draw upon the data provided by this international network of satellites.

This new principal of free universal access means the Charter will play an even bigger role in helping countries respond effectively to emergencies and will ultimately help save more lives.

Satellite images can make a tremendous difference in the immediate aftermath of an emergency, providing invaluable and immediate satellite images during times of crisis. Without the Charter it could be many days before a satellite is able to provide the images needed by civil protection authorities during a disaster.

By using the Charter they have access to a vast range of satellite resources and can assess the extent of damage or decide where to target their resources. Radar images can see through fire or smoke, and other sensors can even monitor the spread of pollution....

Hurricane Isabel from 2003

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