Friday, September 14, 2012

Hantavirus in Yosemite: New batch of park visitors notified

Los Angeles Times: News of the ninth case of hantavirus originating in Yosemite National Park came as officials began another wave of public notification, emailing 230,000 people who reserved lodging at the park since early June.

The rodent-borne disease has killed three visitors since mid-June. The latest case sickened a California resident who stayed in a Curry Village "signature tent cabin" in early July, park spokesman Scott Gediman said. The person has since recovered, he added.

The latest case was a milder infection, with flulike symptoms that did not advance to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, the respiratory ailment that can prove fatal, according to park and health officials.

Officials have called the Yosemite outbreak unprecedented — more than one hantavirus infection from the same location in the same year is very rare. The disease is typically transmitted to humans when they inhale dust or dirt containing the droppings or urine of infected mice.

Officials have already sent emails and letters to about 3,100 people who reserved one of the 91 signature tent cabins, where all but one of the cases were believed to have originated....

The cutest disease vector you'll see all day, a deer mouse, carrier of hantavirus, shot by James Gathany, Centers for Disease Control

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