Monday, March 19, 2012

Pakistan for adaptation, mitigation projects

Pakistan Observer: Chairman Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan, Hameedullah Jan Afridi, has emphasised on initiating adaptation and mitigation projects in Pakistan to combat the climate change reactions. Afridi MNA participated in International Meeting of Parliamentarians on Climate Change held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

He had detailed bilateral talks with the parliamentarians of most vulnerable countries and discussed the confronting issues being faced by the affected countries. He stressed the need for collaborated efforts to address the environmental problems and said that government of Pakistan had approved the climate change policy which has been designed after a detailed discussion with stakeholders and experts.

Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi said that climate change is a global issue which is of concern to the entire international community.

The earth climate warming is an “unequivocal” fact which is causing widespread melting of snow and ice, alongwith a concomitant rise in an average sea level among other impacts, scientific studies revealed that the vulnerability in a changing climate is already severe in many countries and will increase day by day. A collective responsibility to combat this global warming and climate change is necessary and in line with sustainable development for our better future...

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