Saturday, March 24, 2012

China provides emergency aid to victims of cyclone Giovanna in Madagascar

People's Daily via Xinhua: China on Tuesday provided emergency assistance to victims of cyclone Giovanna in rural town of Tanjombato, south of capital Antananarivo, through its embassy in Madagascar and Chinese associations in the island country. A total of 361 people from 72 families in this rural community benefited the donation, including white rice, oil and bean, blankets, buckets and school kits for students.

These associations include among others the Friends Club of China, the Association of Chinese companies in Madagascar and the Associations of Chinese vendors, who work closely with the Office of the Economic and Commercial under the Chinese Embassy in Madagascar and the Chinese Embassy itself.

In his speech, the Tanjombato mayor Rakotondrabe Maurice thanked China for its generous cooperation with poor countries as Madagascar and its solidarity following the passage of cyclone Giovanna in Tanjombato.

...Wang Hongwei, president of the association of Chinese companies in Madagascar, said the Chinese Embassy in the country attaches great importance to this operation because the two countries have maintained a close relationship and deep friendship. He said Chinese companies thrive in Madagascar and the island country is like their second homeland. The Sino-Malagasy relationship has been maintained for a long time and continues from generation to generation, Mr. Wang added...

A February 18, 2012, satellite view of Cyclone Giovanna, from NASA

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