Wednesday, February 22, 2012

UK farmers warn food prices could go up because of drought

Louise Gray in the Telegraph (UK): Peter Kendall, President of the National Farmers Union, said ongoing drought in the South East and Anglia, the “bread basket of Britain”, will cut yields and force up prices. “As sure as night follows day if it doesn’t rain, food prices will go up. I can guarantee you that,” he said. “If there is less water across bigger areas of northern Europe food will cost more money.”

The Midlands are also very dry and could also be in a state of drought soon. Mr Kendall said in the past, when the UK relied on imported food, farmers were ignored during a drought. For example golf courses would continue to be watered - but farmers banned from irrigating crops.

"Bluntly you can still play golf on a brown golf course. What sort of society golf before affordable food?" he said. Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, agreed that farmland should be a priority in a drought....

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