Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kenya develops broad action plans to combat climate change

Naftali Mwaura in Africa Science News: The Kenyan government in conjunction with donor partners has developed comprehensive action plans that pin-points specific interventions required to buffer against adverse effects of climate change on strategic sectors of the economy.

Government officials revealed that the new strategy on combating climate change looks at innovative measures that can be adopted locally to minimize the impact of climate change across a broad swathe of social and economic sectors. It is hoped that a national climate change action plan will reinvigorate the implementation of policy, legal and funding interventions critical to attaining low carbon status.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, Ali Mohammed, stressed that the Kenyan government has retained commitment towards combating climate change through development of progressive policy and legislative frameworks. He added that “the government is also providing funding towards adaptation and mitigation programs to lessen effects of climate change on fragile ecosystems and livelihoods.”

According to the Permanent Secretary, “Kenya has developed a cross-cutting strategy to combat climate change. It addresses agriculture, water, forestry, energy and health. The strategy root for innovative technologies that can sustain low carbon pathways.” He noted that the action plan addresses every international treaty to mitigate, adapt and climate proof the environment...

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