Thursday, December 22, 2011

Climate change to heap more burden on women

Frazer Potani in Africa News: ... Chikhwawa and Nsanje are among disaster prone areas in Malawi due to climate change. The two areas have in recent years experienced climate change related calamities such as floods because they are bare after trees were previously wantonly cut down; hence there is an urgent need to heal their environment.

The areas’ environmental activities mainly deforestation in the Upper Shire Valley for processing charcoal and poor agricultural practices led to land degradation and soil erosion has even resulted in flooding and siltation of the Shire River and its tributaries.

Climate change related disasters resulting from the environmental degradation activities by residents from the two areas have however, seen them reluctant to move upland especially during rainy season because they depend on fish from the river and crop production yet these livelihoods have become unsustainable.

To rescue the people Malawi Government has with donor support been providing relief items including food during climate change related disasters such as floods and droughts...

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