Friday, December 23, 2011

Climate body in Pakistan agrees on future critical steps

Pakistan Observer: Policy planning and proper climate change adaptation is need of the hour to mitigate adverse effects of natural climate change factors; this was said in the day-long Climate Change Conference held today in the coastal city of Thatta. The SCOPE (Society for Conservation & Protection of Environment) organized the conference in collaboration with Drynet Pakistan, in order to help mobilize a partnership at the national scale for the implementation of a sustainable strategy on impacts of climate change.

...More than 150 concerned participants highlighted continuous onslaughts of climate change in the form of recent cyclones, floods, heavy rains and flash floods which have affected millions of people of Sindh Coastal belt region. ... Learned speakers of the conference concluded that grave challenges are faced by the vulnerable poor across Pakistan as a result of disasters caused by climate change (mountain areas, deserts, irrigated plains and coastal areas); and that a result based strategy for climate change adaptation and preparedness must be formed and followed....

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