Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tim Prentice update

At a town event yesterday, the rain had already started. Tim Prentice sidled over to me and said, "After we talked I took a few pieces in."

"All of them?" His grounds sport some pieces that are twenty feet high.

"No, just the ones that could be readily moved, and the more fragile ones.

"So in the act of reporting the story, I changed the story."


As a journalist, I was disturbed at having intruded on reality like that. But as someone who believes in prudent risk management, I was glad to see some beautiful kinetic sculpture protected, at least for a while.

Shown above, a piece of Tim's called "Flashdance," which installed in Jacksonville, Florida, which ordinarily is a lot more hurricane-prone than Cornwall, Connecticut. I filched the image from Tim's website

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