Monday, August 15, 2011

Philippine cities should include climate change adaptation in planning and budgeting

Joseph B Zambrano in the Philippine Information Agency: House Deputy Lorenzo “Erin” Tanada urged city governments to include climate change adaptation measures in their legislative and policy making agenda to prepare their constituents for its adverse effects on sustainable development.

“We cannot continue with our lives and daily grind with 'business as usual mentality,' rather, we must conduct our events from planning, budgeting to implementation keeping in mind the local impacts of climate change as constant consideration," he said. “Sadly, our understanding of the extent and consequences of climate change today and in the future is limited and has not been the subject of our work as legislators,” he said.

We believe that with the adequate information and joint actions, we can significantly contribute in addressing climate change threats, he said. Tanada said that while the national government is ready to support local government units in their climate change adaptation measures, it would be more helpful to have a localized climate change scenario for more appropriate and localize climate response....

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