Monday, May 23, 2011

Philippine bird sanctuary under threat

AFP: A plan to reclaim land on Manila Bay is ruffling feathers, with conservationists warning the project would destroy one of the Philippine capital's last nature reserves and bird sanctuaries. Salt marshes, tidal areas and three mangrove-clad islands that make up the 175-hectare (432-acre) zone are a home or a resting spot for dozens of bird species, including the globally-threatened Philippine duck and Chinese egret.

In a sprawling megacity of more than 12 million people that has seen decades of chaotic development, the area known as Coastal Lagoons is vital because there are so few other bird habitats left, environmentalists say. "It is the last coastal frontier in Metropolitan Manila, the last of its kind," said Rey Aguinaldo, a US-trained biologist who manages the Coastal Lagoons for the environment ministry.

Then-president Gloria Arroyo declared the Coastal Lagoons a critical habitat in 2007, banning activities impeding its ecologically vital role as a bird sanctuary. But now the government is planning to reclaim another 635 hectares in front of the sanctuary to create a new business centre for southern Manila.

Opponents of the planned 14-billion-peso ($324-million) project fear that although most of the lagoons would initially remain intact, the sanctuary would be left largely cut off from the bay….

A Landsat image of Manila Bay, from NASA

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