Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strengthening Guyana’s sea defenses

National Communications Network (Guyana): The Public Works Ministry says is taking the necessary steps to ensure that the sea defence structures across the country are resilient to the effects of the rising global sea levels. The Ministry says with the changes and several weather related occurrences an analysis is necessary to ensure the right strategies are implemented to deal with these sea level rises.

The Transport Minister Robson Benn says with climate change, global sea level rise is imminent; hence engineers are observing trends in Guyana’s weather pattern to arrive at an analysis. “We have a sense based on the predicted versus actual events that we have a bit higher water and more predication in the system and we know in any event we have to prepare….

The Minister also says freak events occurring within a short space of time along the West Bank of Demerara and other areas are of major concern. He notes that free boards on the west coast along the river embankment had to be raised to accommodate the sea level rise. Some embankments were also raised while others were restored.

“If two of them happen in a fairly short space of time as it happened then it tells us something, it means the probability stand will tell us something but we have to go through that and come up with a proper analysis.”….

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