Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is the flood over in Pakistan?

Wajid Shamsul Hasan in a guest blog on IBN Live (India): Is the flood over in Pakistan? No. Most certainly not! Notwithstanding the Herculean massive relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction operations carried out by the government and people of Pakistan, floodgates of devastation in the wake of worst ever natural disaster in recent times continue to claim lives in scores due to outbreak of epidemics, lack of health facilities, shortage of food, shelter and clothing.

How horrendous life has been after the deluge is unfortunately fading away from the focus of international media. No doubt media have more spicy things to go after such as WikiLeaks, it must not ignore what Pakistan continues to waddle through the aftermath of a natural calamity described by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as slow Tsunami, six times bigger than any other catastrophe in the last fifty years. The flood sweeping through northern tip of Pakistan to Sindh has affected land mass to the size of England uprooting more than 20 million people.

Flood water has not yet receded in many areas. According to recent reports following the visit of European Union delegation to Pakistan stagnant water may take months to dry particularly in Sindh where due to geographical factors the water will stay longer. Dislocated victims put up in tented settlements, lack of infrastructure and no means of livelihood have compounded their sufferings.

Reconstruction work is on full swing - thanks to domestic and international agencies. As a resilient nation Pakistanis are doing their best to get back on their feet. No doubt there are gigantic challenges ahead but these floods have opened new venues of opportunities to everyone whether within Pakistan or abroad….

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