Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Texas subdivision retains attorneys for flood claims against town

Sara Foley in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Texas): Many residents of the flooded Las Colonias subdivision have retained attorneys and put the city on notice that legal action may be coming. The Westside subdivision flooded during torrential rains triggered by Hurricane Karl. Neighborhood residents have pointed to poor city drainage designs, engineering problems and an abandoned improvement project as the reason floodwaters climbed up to 4 feet in some homes.

Two law firms notified the city that they’re representing Las Colonias residents and City Attorney Carlos Valdez said he has heard there may be more. No lawsuits have been filed. Valdez said he hopes to work with neighborhood residents toward a solution without going to court. “If we can talk about it, I think we can sort it all out,” he said.

Attorney Robert Brunkenhoefer sent the city a letter Thursday with a list of 18 neighborhood residents he represents. The letter asked the city to contact him before any city employees or subcontractors contact his clients. Valdez interpreted that to mean that the list of people were rejecting volunteer relief workers, who have been repairing homes free of cost, according to a letter he sent the attorney. Brunkenhoefer responded soon after, saying that they weren’t rejecting help, but that he wanted to be notified if people entered the property so that he could document it and take photographs.

… The area isn’t in the Federal Emergency Management Authority’s flood maps, so houses in the area weren’t required to have flood insurance and many people said they weren’t insured.

An old map of Corpus Christi in 1887

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