Monday, October 18, 2010

Super typhoon Megi hits Philippines

The Guardian (UK) via the Associated Press: The strongest cyclone in years to hit the Philippines has knocked out communications and power as residents take shelter, while flooding in Vietnam has swept away a bus and 20 of its passengers, including a girl pulled from her mother's grasp by the strong waters.

Super typhoon Megi, crossing the northern Philippines, was expected to add to the already heavy rains that have fallen on much of Asia. In China, authorities evacuated 140,000 people from a coastal province ahead of the typhoon. Megi could later hit Vietnam, where flooding has caused 30 deaths in recent days, in addition to those missing and feared dead after the bus was swept away.

Megi packed sustained winds of 140mph (225kmh) and gusts of 162mph as it made landfall at midday local time at Palanan Bay, in Isabela province. It felled trees and power poles and cut off power, phone and internet services in many areas. However, it appeared to be weakening while crossing the mountains of the main northern island of Luzon.

With more than 3,600 Filipinos waiting out the typhoon in school buildings, town halls, churches and relatives' homes, roads in and out of Isabela province were deserted and blocked by collapsed trees and power lines….

Super Typhoon Megi on October 17, from NOAA

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