Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Philippine government launches book on climate change adaptation strategies

Philippine Information Agency: The Department of Enivronment and National Resources (DENR) yesterday launched a publication on the country’s adaptation strategies towards climate change for the next twelve years. "The DENR has taken the initiative of convening the different stakeholders to consult with them on how to address the issue on climate change. The Philippine Strategy on Climate Change is the result of almost a year of consensus-building with them," Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon J. P. Paje said.

…According to Paje, the PSCCA shall serve as the national guide in all actions that the government, local government units and all other stakeholders will be undertaking to adapt to climate change in the next 12 years.

Among others, the publication assesses the country’s vulnerability and adaptive capacity as well as the potential positive and negative, direct and indirect impacts of climate change on key sectors that include water, biodiversity, forestry, coastal and marine, fisheries, agriculture, health, energy and infrastructure.

Paje added that the PSCCA is the agency’s way of assisting national and local institutions in managing the potentially devastating impacts of climate change. He also said that while the publication is geared towards solutions by the year 2022, Paje said, "Our efforts need to be guided and focused, so that we can have effective policies, laws and action plans that will serve our people well even until 2050."…

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