Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pakistan floods: 20 million homeless

Amanda Hodge in the Australian: Cholera surfaced in Pakistan yesterday as the estimate of people made homeless by flooding climbed to 20 million. … The floods that have devastated the subcontinent are believed to have killed close to 1600 people in Pakistan and at least 130 in India's Himalayan district of Ladakh.

Pakistani officials said yesterday that the floods were now "on par" with the devastating 2005 Kashmir earthquake that killed about 79,000 people. Officials estimate that a quarter of Pakistan has been affected by the flooding. Ten days of monsoonal rains have obliterated billions of dollars worth of buildings, infrastructure and crops in a nation already struggling with a raging militant insurgency and economic downturn.

UN agencies and aid groups say the response to the international appeal has been sluggish, warning of a second wave of death from disease, with at least six million now dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive….

An aerial view of flooding near Ghazi in Pakistan, shot August 5 by US Army sources

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