Monday, June 14, 2010

A climate change center launched in Gambia

Fatou Sowe in via the Daily Observer (Banjul, Gambia): The Phoenix Project -Gambia recently launched the Climate Change Information and Resource Centre, Gambia Women's Environmental Network (GWEN) and Gambia Youth Environmental Network (GYEN) at a ceremony held at its premises in Kerr Serign.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Aji Bintou Kinteh, the assistant director of the National Environment Agency (NEA) explained that climate change is seen as a result of the warming of the planet due to high concentration of the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

…Kinteh revealed that a number of climate change related projects have also been implemented by the government, adding that the Phoenix Project is part of collaborative projects between the Gambia government and the CBOs private NGOs, For his part, Lamin FK Darboe, the finance director of Phoenix, stated that The Gambia Youth Environmental Network (GYEN) is here to sensitise the youths to become useful and to be aware of the effects of climate change. This, he said will put the youths in a position to educate and teach others. "As we the youths are the leaders of tomorrow and the designers of the future, we have to change our attitudes and be positive in the way we think, in the way we live, to become responsible enough to make positive contributions to the sustainable development of The Gambia and be effective in nation building," Darboe said….

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