Monday, June 28, 2010

Alex may become hurricane in Gulf

Adrian Virgen in Reuters: Tropical Storm Alex was expected to become a hurricane later on Monday as it heads northwest toward the Mexico-Texas border but was likely to stay far from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters said Alex was moving slowly away from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, but Coast Guard officials have said they do not think the storm poses an imminent threat to oil-siphoning efforts at BP Plc's blown-out Macondo well.

Oil prices fell toward $78 per barrel on Monday as concerns about over the impact in supply from Alex eased. Protectively, Shell Oil Co shut subsea production at the Auger and Brutus platforms in the Gulf during the weekend and evacuated nonessential workers from production platforms and drilling rigs in U.S.-regulated areas.

Some streets in the coastal city of Campeche were flooded by Alex's heavy rains but officials said there was no serious damage reported from the storm. "There has not been serious affects and emergency services personnel are surveying the region," Jorge Argaez, a civil protection official for the state of Campeche, told reporters over the weekend….

A five day forecast map for Alex, from June 25, via NOAA

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