Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sandstorm covers Beijing

Before It’s News via the Epoch Times: A “hazardous” sandstorm heading east through China arrived in Beijing late Friday night leaving citizens covered with sand and trapped under a haunting sky with an orange haze. The Associated Press confirmed that the Chinese regime has warned citizens to protect their lungs by covering their faces while outside and has officially affixed the level of severity at "hazardous".

Meteorologists are blaming the long drought in the area as the cause, and that this is the worst sandstorm China has seen all year. Many citizens in Beijing are using masks and various cloths to cover their faces while outside similar to the events that unfolded during the SARS outbreak.

The regime's weather center released a statement saying that the conditions were “very bad for the health.” Studies are showing that China has had a severe increase in sandstorms in the past ten years along with increased droughts and growing desert areas….

Beijing dust storm from March 2008, via NASA

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