Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fargo girds for major flooding

Simon Graf in Disaster News Network: Facing a forecast that the Red River could be at major flood stage by the end of this week, Saturday morning members of the Fargo, ND, City Commission approved almost $1.2 million in clay levees and flood protection equipment.

According to the National Weather Service, the Red River passed 18-feet Saturday morning and is expected to reach at least 33-feet within the week. Major flood stage is 30-feet in the Morehead - Fargo area. Last year the river rose to a record 40.84 feet.

With major flooding along the Red River predicted in just a few days and the potential of major flooding in other midwestern states, disaster response organizations are getting ready. Preparations include warning residents of flood-prone areas to review their disaster plans and working with volunteers to make sure aid can be brought quickly if needed.

Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR), said its response is based on flood advisories or warnings that have been posted in more than a dozen states with government forecasts calling for a greater than 90 percent chance of flooding along the Red River of the North and Iowa river gauges that have been recorded at a moderate flood stage. Residents of North Dakota and Minnesota have been warned about the potential for trouble.

"The blessing of these early forecasts is that it provides extra time to get ready," the Rev. Kevin A. Massey wrote. He said that congregations can prepare for flooding and mitigate any losses that come from such a disaster….

Fargo, North Dakota, March 24, 2009 -- US Coast Guard flyover to survey the Red River flooding. Photo: Michael Rieger/FEMA

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