Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Floods in Uganda paralyze business

Zaharah Abigaba in, via the Monitor (Uganda): On Monday, business was paralysed after hours of rain in Kampala and some other parts of the country. The rains that started at around 4am stretched up 5pm, making it hard for city dwellers to report to work on time and hundreds of students were left stranded.

Floods left several people stranded in the flood prone areas of Kawempe, Bwaise, Katwe, Kalerwe and Bugolobi. Most schools in Bukasa and Kamalimali zones of Kalerwe registered a low turn up, partly because the children could not wade through the flooded roads. Many areas in Salaama- Munyonyo were flooded too.

…According to the Department of Meteorology, rains are expected to continue up to May "but they will not be disastrous." "The ongoing rains are expected to continue up to May and we shall give a detailed forecast about the rains next week that will reflect other regions of the country," said Mr Jackson Rwakishaija, the senior communications officer at the Meteorology Department….

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