Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morakot causes agricultural losses of NT$6.8 billion (USD 208 million) in Taiwan

E-Taiwan News: Agricultural and fishery losses from Typhoon Morakot which swept Taiwan over the weekend were estimated at NT$6.85 billion (US$208 million) as of yesterday, according to the newest government statistics. Tallies compiled by the Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture (COA) showed that the storm damage figure is the fourth-highest in 18 years.

A total of 49,723 hectares of farmlands were devastated by Morakot, with banana plantations on some 5,356 hectares suffering the biggest blow, followed by papaya, guava, bamboo and vegetable farms. Poultry and animal losses amounted to NT$737.59 million, with 2.7 million chickens and 709,000 ducks perishing in the storm. Pig farmers reportedly lost a total of 80,815 pigs.

Fisheries losses reached a new high of NT$2.91 billion, exceeding the NT$2.43 billion recorded when Typhoon Herbert hit in Aug. 1996, COA tallies showed. A combined 5,832 hectares of fish farms in southern Taiwan's Tainan, Pingtung and Kaohsiung counties were badly damaged by Morakot - the worst typhoon to hit the south in 50 years.

Losses in the forestry sector were estimated at NT$16.36 million, while agricultural facilities suffered damage amounting to NT$168.32 million, and 73 hectares of farmland were washed away, according to the COA….

NASA satellite photo of Taiwan


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