Friday, July 25, 2008

New UK climate web site urges businesses to prepare for the worst

In the UK, Defra has a new website devoted to climate change adaptation -- well worth a look: ....We all need to look at our vulnerability to the changing climate. 'Vulnerability' can be defined as being open to or at risk of damage. In terms of climate change, it can be influenced by natural characteristics, the built environment, and socio-economic factors.

A particular change in climate can have a very different effect on different people and places, leading to different risk levels. For example, high temperatures could cause damage to some road surfaces, but not to others due to the different melting point of the material used, and whether the road is mostly in shade due to roadside trees.

...Ensuring we have the capacity to reduce any disruption and deal with the remaining consequences can be described as building resilience....

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