Sunday, July 13, 2008

Many apathetic to hurricane threat

Disaster News Network: As Bertha, the first Atlantic hurricane of the 2008 season brushes by Bermuda as a strong tropical storm, a recent survey has found fewer than a third of Florida residents are ready for a hurricane if one strikes this year.

A recent poll conducted by the Mason-Dixon polling organization, found 67 percent of Atlantic and Gulf Coast residents do not have any kind of a hurricane survival kit and 54 percent said they do not believe they are vunerable to a hurricane or any related tornadoes or flooding.

Perhaps even more alarming is that 13 percent of those polled said they would not or probably would not evacuate their homes even if they were ordered to do so by authorities. A similar 2007 poll found just 12 percent of residents have made any improvements in their homes to make them less vunerable to hurricane damage....

Florida map, Wikimedia Commons

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