Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Press reactions to the recent US Department of Agriculture report on climate change impacts

San Diego Union Tribune
New Climate Report Foresees Big Changes
New York Times, United States - 15 hours ago
The new report, which includes some findings that are more sobering and definitive than those in the 2000 climate report, holds the signatures of three ...
US Department of Agriculture: Warming may cut crop yields
Food price inflation is just the beginning San Diego Union Tribune
Fed report says climate change risks crops, water The Associated Press
Newswise (press release) - San Diego Union Tribune
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Climate report: Be ready for higher food prices, water shortages
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 11 hours ago
The US Department of Agriculture report catalogued effects thought by scientists to be likely over the next 25 to 50 years on agriculture, land and water. ...
Climate change could trim corn yields
Reuters - 11 hours ago
... scientists said in a US Department of Agriculture report released on Tuesday. The report synthesized peer-reviewed studies on how climate change would ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer
Food prices, water use to be constrained by climate change
Seattle Post Intelligencer - 16 hours ago
Ecosystems do change, even without climate change. The US Department of Agriculture's rep

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