Monday, May 19, 2008

In June, next round of crucial UN climate change negotiations will kick off in Bonn

Bonner Wirtschaftsblog (Germany): The next round of UN-sponsored global climate change negotiations is set to begin in Bonn, Germany, on 2 June 2008. A major focus of the UN Climate Change Talks - Bonn, 2008 will be on a strengthened and effective international climate change deal, to be clinched in Copenhagen next year.

Around 2,000 people, including government representatives, participants from business and industry, environmental organizations and research institutions are expected to attend the two-week meeting. This constitutes a record number of participants for the annual Bonn sessions of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

On the one hand, the Bonn Climate Change Talks will take forward the new negotiation process on strengthened international action against climate change, as agreed at Bali in 2007. Workshops in this context will take place on the issues of adaptation, finance and technology transfer. On the other hand, talks on further commitments for Parties to the Kyoto Protocol will include considering the possible tools available to industrialised countries to reach future emission reductions. Furthermore, the Bonn climate change will advance ongoing work on technology, adaptation, reducing emissions from deforestation and capacity building in developing countries.….

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