Saturday, April 26, 2008

NASA studies arctic haze (Alaska): Earlier this month NASA launched the most extensive study ever to determine what's going on in the air over Alaska's Arctic and what role "Arctic haze" may be playing when it comes to climate change. Recently, a DC-8 jetliner, a science laboratory with wings, took to the skies to study the haze. Daniel Jacob is a NASA project scientist. "We're trying to understand what global change is doing to the Arctic," Jacob said.

To do that NASA has sent the plane and several others crammed with equipment and scientists, like Hanwant Singh, to study the phenomenon known as Arctic haze. "Arctic haze is mostly a hazy aerosol layer that usually comes from industrial Eurasian emission of pollutants and generally it has some black carbon in them," Singh said.

NASA is trying to learn how the pollutants that make up this haze contribute to climate change in the Arctic....

No haze in this US Air Force picture of the Northern Lights by Senior Airman Joshua Strang, Wikimedia Commons

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