Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nigeria: Climate change could displace 13 million, via the Daily Champion (Lagos): Thirteen million Nigerians are currently at risk due to climate change vulnerability, a report on climate has shown. A report on Nigeria under UN Framework Convention on Climate Change says that those at risk would have to relocate.

The report indicates that the inhabitants of the nation's coastal areas and communities on desertification zone would be at serious risk. The report adds that the relocation would arise from floods and erosion at the coastal areas. "Most of the Sudan and the savannah regions, which are already undergoing severe droughts and desertification, would be affected.

"Already about 15 per cent of the Niger Delta would be lost with no sea level rise, however, with sea level rise of 0.5mm, about 35 per cent of the Delta would be lost. "About 15 per cent of the country's population is presently affected by climatic variations and sea level changes, " the report says. The report says that with the projected climate change and sea level rise of about 0.5 mm, likely those to be relocated, if with no mitigation plan, would increase to 27 million.

"If sea level should rise by about 1.0mm with the projected climate change, the people to be relocated would be more than 48 million," the report indicates. It says that the country would witness a massive refugee situation if proper mitigation strategy was not put in place.

The report which is a fundamental requirement from all parties to the Convention is meant to draw attention to the risk. It further says that socio-economic, ecological and socio-cultural values at risk would be high in the country.

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