Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If global warming never happened

Treehugger: College must make you, like, smart or something. One man-about-campus, at least, has his head screwed on straight.

"If global warming never happened, many of the changes we make in response to its threat would still make sense, writes Daniel Gibson-Reinember, a fishery and wildlife biology graduate student at Colorado State University, in his college paper. "Adapting our lives to reduce climate change means being more efficient, innovative, conscientious and just plain smart."

This is why the vehemence of the climate-change peanut gallery surprises us, when they act as though we just stomped on their favorite puppy and then set it on fire. (TreeHugger is unequivocally opposed to cruelty toward animals, even the ugly ones.) "You don't have to agree with the scientific consensus on global warming," says Gibson-Reinember. "Just take a keen interest in keeping America innovative, efficient, healthy and stingy towards dangerous regimes."

Someone give this guy a sheet of gold stars. ::Rocky Mountain Collegian

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