Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Big Green Roof in Minneapolis, Possibly

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, by Jay Weiner, an article about the green-roof potential of a local landmark:

"...The task? Redoing one of the largest roofs in Minnesota -- 3.3 acres worth -- atop the 17-year-old Target Center. Local architects and sustainable-design advocates say if the city wants to make a bold statement while, over time, saving energy and money, the arena's 144,000-square-foot roof should go green.

"...If installed, Target Center would become the largest building in Minnesota with a green roof surface. What's more, it could be among the 10 largest green projects in the world. 'Bragging rights,' said Minneapolis Finance Officer Patrick Born. 'A priceless branding tool for a city,' said Mark Andrew, an environmental consultant to sports teams and facilities."

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