Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pakistan looks for resources to implement flood protection plan

Maha Mussadaq in the Express Tribune: Monsoon intensity in the upcoming months will be on the mild side. Areas expecting rain will not experience losses comparable to previous years, however, precautionary arrangements are being made due to unusual climate patterns worldwide.

Addressing a group of journalists at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, National Disaster Management Authority Chairman Major General Muhammad Saeed Aleem shared national efforts for monsoon preparedness discussed with provincial governments during the recently held two-day national conference on June 30 and July 1.

According to the chairman, the meeting brought forward key issues relating to previous disasters, preparedness for the year and the future were discussed in detail. While sharing the recent Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) seasonal report, he said the emerging climatic features linked to El Nino development have fairly large potential to suppress the Monsoon this year.

....Comparing the situation to previous years, Aleem said that last year water levels had increased in all rivers across Pakistan however the loss calculated was not as severe as 2010. He said that the region under conflict is usually not a concern during monsoon, however, plans to facilitate internally displaced persons have been discussed.

He said that for further protection, NDMA has developed a ten-year plan but for implementation of the fourth national flood protection plan, resources would be needed for successful implementation.

The National Monsoon Contingency Plan would be finalized and shared with all the stakeholders in first week of July. Moreover, request has been sent to the Pakistan Commission for Indus Water to share information with the provinces according to the treaty....

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