Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drought claims 123 cattle in Namibia

Magreth Nunuhe in via New Era (Namibia): Farmers at Orevia in the Omaheke Region have since last year lost 123 cattle due to the severe drought affecting 900 000 people in the country. Because of the stock losses communal farmers say close to 100 people in dire straits.

Ukarapo Tjirombora, the headman and traditional councillor of Orevia, told New Era that to make matters worse, the machinery which pump water to the only water point in the area broke down last year already and have not been repaired.

The community now depends on a borehole, which also does not contain "sufficient water", as it is apparently not very deep to provide the required quantity of water, according to Tjirombora.

Tjirombora said that consequently residents have had to stop gardening, which has always been a means of providing food as they used to plant mealies, carrots,onions and other crops for own use.

"Even the dam has no water," he said, adding that the foundation is broken and trees have started growing in the base of the dam....

The Namib Desert near Sossusvlei, via NASA

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