Friday, September 9, 2011

Water treatment firm launches research project into water scarcity

Carys Matthews in A UK water treatment company has launched a major research project into water wastage and efficiency in a bid to tackle water scarcity. The research into water supply by B & V Water Treatment forms part of a series of projects being undertaken by the firm, which is also working on a project with BBC Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau. In its latest study B & V aims to investigate how water wastage can be reduced and water portability improved in the UK and worldwide in line with population growth.

B & V's project will be carried out by environmental chemist Yolla McCoy, who is undertaking a five year PhD at the University of Birmingham into Water Recycling in the Food and Beverage Industry, with the aim of assisting the industry in reducing water wastage, improving efficiency and lowering production costs.

According to B & V, demand on water resources in the UK is expected to increase as the number of households In England and Wales is forecast to grow by 4.4m by 2016.

B & V said: "Water is going to be less available in the future. The food and beverage industry is heavily reliant on water throughout its processes. In the UK around 430m litres of water are used a day in this sector….

Wilton Water Wilton Water is a reservoir created in a natural valley to provide a water supply for the Kennet and Avon Canal. Having decided to build the summit level of the canal at a higher level, to minimise the length of complicated tunnelling involved, the question of how to keep the canal supplied with water became a bigger issue, as there were not enough natural springs feeding the summit. It was decided to dam this side valley and build Crofton pumping station to pump water from here up 45 feet to the summit level. The outlet for the Crofton pump is to the right, passing under the canal. Here are conventional weir paddles to let water into the pound between locks 60 and 61 should the level in Wilton Water get to high. Shot by Graham Horn, Wikimedia Commons via Geograph UK, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

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Water scarcity is a more relative concept describing the relationship between demand for water and its availability. The demands may vary considerably between different countries and different regions within a given country depending on the sectoral usage of water. A country with a high industrial demand or which depends on large scale irrigation will therefore be more likely to experience times of scarcity than a country with similar climatic conditions without such demands. Thanks a lot.....