Sunday, August 15, 2010

Putin to check out new method of smothering peat bog fires

RIA Novosti (Russia): Russian Prime Minister will check out new technology of distinguishing peat bog fires and discuss putting up homes for homeless fire victims during his work visit to Moscow region on August 16, the press service of the Russian government said. The Premier will get acquainted with advanced technology of peat bog irrigation which will allow quenching the peat bog fires, which are now raging across Central Russia, much faster, the statement said.

Moscow region authorities have prepared project of peat bog irrigation at the cost of 20-25 billion rubles ($655-818.5 million), Moscow region's Governor Boris Gromov said earlier. The region has already been allocated 300 million rubles ($9.8 million) for these purposes. Peat bog irrigation commenced in six districts of Moscow region on August 12.

Later in the day, Putin will take part in a meeting dedicated to developing cheap and accessible homes for Russians. Building of new homes for fire victims will also be discussed. The fires ravaging across Russia have already left 3,500 people homeless. Russian authorities have vowed to put up new homes for the fire victims by the end of October….

Smoke and fire across western Russia, satellite image from NASA

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