Monday, July 5, 2010

40 million square meters of Gambia’s coastal zone at risk

Saloum Sheriff Janko in Today (Gambia): Forty million square metres of The Gambia’s coastal zone land could be lost if necessary measures are not taken. This alarm was sounded by the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment, Mr. Lamin Nyabally. He was speaking on behalf of the minister of Forestry and the Environment, Hon. Jatto Sillah at the launch of the Gambia Environmental Action Plan (GEAP II) and the second edition of the State of the Environment Report of The Gambia.

According to him, climate change and variability have significant social impacts on the livelihoods of most Gambian who depend on tourism, fisheries and agriculture. He said majority of the Gambian population live within 100 kilo meters from the coast, who would be adversely affected if the coastal zone is lost. This could also affect the agriculture and the country target of the PRSP.

…He then revealed his ministry’s commitment to address the challenges of environmental threats that may affect the country. He then described the launching of the two important reports as another demonstration of government’s commitment in placing environmental issues at the center of its development agenda. According to him, the reports aim at ensuring that natural resources are well protected and guided for sustainable use, and will continue to be a good reference material necessary in promoting sustainable development in The Gambia, which also provides good insights into pertinent issues of the country’s socio –economic development….

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